The Phenomenal Growth of NFL in UK

Interest in American Football is increasing rapidly overseas. The National football League, one of the two professional football leagues in the US, is aired in many parts of the world. Among the countries where the league is recording phenomenal growth in viewership is United Kingdom.

It is not only the continuing increase in audience ratings that shows American football can soon compete against the most popular British sports such as soccer, cricket, ice hockey, etc... According to statistics released by the British American Football Association (BAFA), the grassroots program to promote American football among the British youth is reaping dividends. BAFA observed that in the past year the Women football grassroots program has registered a substantial increase in the number of women football players. The Youth Flag, another American football program, registered an astounding 90.6% increase in participating players. These figures do not even include people who are playing American football in various colleges and schools across the country under BAFA's outreach program. The NFL has also been very supportive of BAFA's effort s and make it a point to hold regular season games in the country. The league has been doing this since 2007. The figures and efforts bode well for American football in UK. Find out for further details on  NFL Jerseys UK right here. 

Another indication that American football is thriving in and poised to become a regular fare of British sports viewing habits is the growing popularity of NFL Merchandise among the locals. Those who are not interested in merely watching NFL games but are actually playing or plan to play are interested in American football gears such balls, helmets, shoes, etc... There are gears both adults and youngsters.

From watching regular NFL games in cable TV, British viewers have identified their favorite teams and players and not much different from other fans. They love to wear NFL jerseys bearing the name and number of their favorite NFL players. It is the best way they can show their support not to their favorite players but also to their favorite teams.

British fans of American football will have no trouble buying NFL merchandise. There many online shops selling balls, helmets, jerseys and accessories. An online search for NFL Merchandise UK will give web sites of NFL merchandise sellers. All the information they need to know about a specific items are provided in the sites so choosing which to order is not a problem.